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Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura

Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura

🏆 Outstanding durability

🤜 More power & control

⚖️ Weighs only 61,6g

Tax included.
  • Black
  • Silver
  • lunar grey
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The revolutionary brake lever upgrade for your MAGURA brake system:
Impresses with durability, adjustability and unique design.

The optimized mechanical transmission makes your brakes more powerful, easier to control and guarantees incredibly precise braking, thus achieving the highest level of precision.

Crash? No problem! If you manage to destroy the lever, contact us for a crash replacement.

Secure your advantage on the trail now and become part of the OAK revolution.

Do you want to customize your Root-Lever Pro brake levers even further? We have developed some more accessories for you.
  • MT8 (Raceline, Pro, SL, SL FM)
  • MT7 (Pro & Raceline)
  • MT6
  • MT5; MT5 eStop; NOT compatible with MT5e!
  • MT4
  • MT Trail (Sport & Carbon)

2x brake levers anodized

2x Bending Protection black anodized

2x CPA adjustment screws black anodized

2x EPA adjustment screws black anodized

2x stainless steel springs

2x double spring sleeve

1x OAK sticker pack

1x Allen key (1.5mm SW)

1x User manual and assembly instructions

CO2-neutral shipping in environmentally friendly packaging.


  • Root-Lever Pro (per lever): 25.4g
  • Anti-kink protection (per piece): 5.4g
  • Total set: 61.6g

Advanced Lever Kinematics
Adjusting the lever ratio ensures maximum braking power with first-class controllability and makes a good brake even better. We calculated, compared and tested countless variants until we arrived at the best result.

Contact Point Adjustment (CPA)
The CPA from OAK Components is a mechanism for fine-tuning the pressure point. The manufacture of a special adjustment screw makes it possible: the pressure point can be adjusted in 1/4-millimeter increments using fine locking marks on the thread of the specially designed adjustment screw, providing haptic feedback through a clearly defined click. The adjustment range is significantly larger than with the original Magura levers and makes the brake system more adaptable.

Empty Path Adjustment (EPA)
Using the EPA system from OAK, the brake lever can be adjusted quickly and precisely without tools. This means that there is no need for a return spring, which often causes problems with the brakes of the MT series.
In combination with the CPA system, every imaginable lever position can be achieved and the brake can be adjusted to all personal preferences. Your braking system is more fail-safe than ever before. Always make sure that the brake is correctly adjusted according to the specifications.

Superior Bending Protection
A completely new concept
Anti-kink protection at the brake line outlet protects this highly stressed area.
the brake line can lead to a spongy pressure point or, in the worst case, to oil and pressure loss. Common plastic parts protect against
Crash or tree contact is not reliable. In our tests, a steel spring was able to absorb the forces much better and is our means
of choice.

Optimization through topology studies and simulation
Topology optimization describes the calculation of a material arrangement in the design space that can withstand a load as well as possible. This means: where the tension in the component is high, there is more material. This process is crucial for the design of our brake levers. This way, the stiffest and most resilient construction is generated from as little material as possible. Using FEM simulations, weak points are then analyzed and optimized, even before the first prototype is produced on the milling machine.
We then verify the result extensively on test benches and trails.

We test all our components to the highest standards ourselves and in cooperation with independent testing institutes. Our levers are
certified according to DIN EN 14766, with tests that go far beyond the norm. Even more important to us is the feedback from our team drivers and customers. Ergonomics, durability, crash behavior: everything is discussed in detail and forms the basis for the next optimization steps. Only those who accept criticism and meticulously eliminate weak points can achieve the best possible result.

  • Made in Europe
  • Aerospace Aluminium
  • 100% CNC-milled
Country and order value Price
0,00 €-99,99 € 5,90 €
100,00 € and more for free
Switzerland 14,50 CHF
United Kingdom*
135.00 GBP and more 12.00 GBP
United States** 20,00 €
Canada 37.00 CAD
European Union***
0,00 € - 99,99 € 12,00 €
100,00 € and more for free
Australia 50.00 AUD

* no shipping to British overseas territories

** no shipping to: American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Armed Forces America, Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Pacific

*** Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Outside Europe, additional fees and taxes may apply.

These questions also concern you

Yes, because the bending protection must be installed. We have tested intensively how the brake line can be reliably protected.

Plastic and rubber were quickly out of the running. Only the use of a steel spring could distribute the point load over a sufficient area and protect the line in the long term. This means that spongy pressure points or oil leaks from leaky brake lines are a thing of the past.

The Root-Lever Pro uses the sweet spot of braking power and controllability. We get the maximum performance out of your Magura brake system, but manage to provide even more controllability through an optimized lever ratio.

Due to a very large adjustment range, we can optimally cover all conceivable settings with one lever version. We don't like trying many different parts to find the right version. This wastes time and resources. We stick to one option which is guaranteed to be able to do everything!

Our brake lever is designed to be more stable to withstand even the greatest stresses in tough racing use. Due to the exquisite choice of materials and intelligent construction, it is more durable than all its competitors. Guaranteed!

Furthermore, with the Root-Lever Pro you can cover a very large adjustment range with just one lever.

If the stable Root-Lever Pro is actually damaged in a fall, we ask you to contact our customer support.

Please use our warranty and crash replacement form

We know the problem of loose springs from our own painful experience and have therefore developed a system that does not require a return spring at all.

No spring – no problem!

Gear ratio is about 6.5 : 1

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to install the Bending Production. The function of the Root-Lever Pro is only guaranteed if it is supported on this component.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Michael Deutges
Macht High End aus der Bremse

Easy Umbau , und zu dem top Material. Wertet die Bremse auf und man kann den Druckpunkt perfekt einstellen. Verpackung und Versand sind Top. Sehr zu empfehlen

Jan Malitius

Löst den größten Nachteil der MT7 und spart dadurch, trotz hohem Preis, über die Zeit Geld, da man nicht alle 3 Wochen einen neuen Hebel benötigt.

Martin Isopp-Salbrechter
Root-Lever Pro Set - fits Magura

Genial durchdacht, perfekt gefertigt!!

Benedikt Schopper
Einfach nur Premium und Premium Service!

Ich habe meine drei Bikes alle nach einer Testfahrt mit den Hebeln ausgestattet. Klasse teile 👌

Und nach meiner eigenen Dummheit beim waschen ist mir ein Hebel verbogen. Toller schneller Crashreplacement danke

Vit Rusanov
Perfect product

Fast delivery, nice packaging, a lot of stickers, easy installation, and perfect function. The only ones I missed were the covers of the Magura levers - I understood that they are included. Thank you.